Pastors James Roberson, Jon Tyson Share How God Has Helped Them Minister in NYC amid COVID-19

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It’s been said that some experiences you will never forget. James Roberson and Jon Tyson would agree with this sentiment after ministering in city of New York during this unique season.

“We are living in serious time,” Tyson, the pastor of Church of the City in New York and author of a Beautiful Resistance, said.

Tyson and Robertson, who pastors the Bridge Church, would both say that before COVID-19, ministering in New York city was already a unique and challenging endeavor.

According to Robertson, “Everything seemed to change at once. I can remember watching an NBA game and knowing that things were about to change.”

Tyson was struck with the realization that life was about to change when he was arriving back in New York from Hawaii.

Not soon after realizing the coronavirus’ impact, both men switched from pastoring churches that gathered together to pastoring churches meeting online.

Tyson and his family would soon have an even greater challenge to overcome, when they all contracted COVID-19…

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