Pastor T.D. Jakes Shares Why Periods of Pressure Can Lead to Spiritual Growth

March 28, 2019
Not Forsaken: Louie Giglio’s Heart for the ‘Fatherless’
May 22, 2019

As soon as T.D. Jakes extends his first “Hello,” you better get ready because you’re in for a rare opportunity to hear a message from the man Time Magazine dubbed “America’s Pastor.” 

The Bishop, as he is called, is clear that some of the best things that come from life are being crushed and pressured into what God designed you to be. 

Jakes has lived an exciting life, he’s a megachurch pastor, author and a successful film director, to name a few of his feats. Despite his many accomplishments, Jakes often reflects on his humble beginnings in West Virginia. 

For a season of his life, before ministry, Jakes was a ditch digger and a failure at starting his own business. 

Even after Jakes decided to answer the call to ministry on his heart, the road ahead of him would not be easy. Jakes shared that he wouldn’t get the chance to preach for seven years after he decided to pursue…

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