Not Forsaken: Louie Giglio’s Heart for the ‘Fatherless’

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April 25, 2019
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As soon as Louie Giglio walks in the room, it is clear that he’s a man on a mission with a very important message. Anyone who knows Giglio or has heard him speak before will also know that it is not unusual for him to be passionate.

Giglio has written more than 20 books, but it is clear that Not Forsaken was his toughest work as an author. Originally, his plan was to write a different book, but he knew that God wanted him to write Not Forsaken. “I can remember waking up one day knowing that God wanted me to write the book,” Giglio says. “It was a hard book to write because with every page I knew that I would be speaking into people’s pain about how they had been treated by their earthly father.” 

Giglio says that he wrote the book for everyone because we all have a father, and how we view God is directly related to how we view our father. In Giglio’s opinion, God is nothing like our earthly father, no matter how good or bad of a father we had. To those who have followed Giglio, it is not unexpected for him to talk about the characteristics of God. In fact…

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