Philip Yancey Encourages Believers to Fix Their Eyes on God amid Uncertainty

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May 7, 2020
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It’s a laid-back Friday afternoon and as soon as author and speaker Philip Yancey says, ‘hello,’ I can tell he has dedicated all of his focus on our conversation. 

For many who know of the works of Yancey, his intentionality is not surprising. Yancey is regarded by many as a counselor who knows how to guide people through their situation, while simultaneously pointing them to Christ. 

Best known for his work on listening to God through pain and suffering, Yancey is no strangers to what deep pain feels like. 

Yancey was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and can remember feeling the agony of living a life without a father as well as the emotional turmoil he experienced as a part of a specific legalistic church. 

Yancey’s father died when he was just one year old, and the church his family belonged to at the time showed anything but grace. 

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