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The Day After

It’s not uncommon for church planters to meet together. But on this past week in Baltimore, Maryland, church-planters were more than just meeting; they were strategizing on how to make a difference in a community that became unglued Monday afternoon, as 2,000 national guardsmen were brought in and a city was put on lock down. […]

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Generation Z

As a grade school student, I loved singing the traditional Alphabet Song. I especially loved the end. When it came time to sing that final letter, I would shout the letter Z loudly and with great enthusiasm. Yes, the letter Z would reassure me that I was not only at the end of the song, […]

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Being Black and Gay Are Not the Same Thing

Much is being made of HGTV’s decision to cancel a previously announced new series, “Flip it Forward,” because its stars, twin brothers David and Jason Benham, had expressed their faith-based, pro-life values and belief that marriage should be between one man and one woman. Many in the media have called their beliefs anti-gay and similar […]

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Spiritual Bullying

As Eric Johnson approached my 5th grade lunch table I knew very clearly what he was coming for. In fact I had gotten so used to him taking my milk money that I knew not to even dare buy milk for lunch. Back in the 80’s the term bullying had not come into play like […]

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