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10 Things to Know About Cuba

When I received the assignment that I would be traveling to Cuba, I immediately thought to myself, “What will my life be like in Cuba for the limited time that I will be there?” As a boy growing up in Orlando, I had always heard of Cuba but never thought that one day I would […]

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We All Need Grace

The word grace is something that most people love to hear and even recognize that they need it; however, it’s quite different when you have to give it away. In Lee Strobel’s latest book, Grace, he digs deep into, not just the word, but he also examines the lives of nine people who have both […]

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Numbers Tell No Lies

How long will the American church sit by and ignore the numbers? Once again the Pew Research Forum has laid out significant research to back up the lack of growth that the American church is experiencing. Yet, well-respected teachers and preachers blatantly disregard this evidence. A new age of church growth is before us. To […]

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